We usually look at food very lightly and believe there would be no judgment for what we eat. We know there's a judgment of God coming in the end; but, we often forget there are judgments of God here now.

There are two types of judgments upon man here and now. The first is natural judgment. This is a judgment that naturally happens in disobedience to God's laws. If you play around with sexual immorality long enough, sooner or later you're going to get an STD. If you jump off a cliff, sooner, and not later, you will die. The second type of judgment that can come upon us here now is the direct judgment of God. These are the judgments that God says, "Because you did this [this] will happen to you." We see these judgments in God sending an evil spirit to Saul, we see it in Jezebel, in both the Old and New Testament. We also see both natural and direct judgment in the garden. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit, they immediately felt shame and saw their nakedness; this was natural judgment. Then God came on the scene and said, "Because you did…"

We see many things today as direct judgments. When the planes hit the towers in 9/11, when the hurricanes and floods hit New Orleans, many people saw these as direct judgments from God upon a sinful city. This is likely true, but we need to be careful in our placing judgment upon these cities because there is no righteous city in the U.S.

We can also see many of the natural judgments of God. As mentioned earlier, we see STD's as a natural judgment for sexual immorality. We can see the pulling of skin off of our back and faces as a natural judgment for meth. What we don't see is how decaying teeth can be a natural judgment for indulging in sweet deserts while many in the world starve. We don't see diabetes type 2 as a natural judgment for gluttony. And we certainly don't see any link between pork and natural judgment.

In 2016, when I returned from Ghana, I returned with a parasite. This is one of the feared results of traveling to third world countries. I was able to get rid of the parasite through certain things I ate and some medications.

I'm a sponge for knowledge I started to research parasites. I was amazed at how many parasites are actually caught within the United States. The problem is, most doctors do not know how to diagnose for them.

The most deadly parasite to the human body is called trichina, and it's contracted from eating pork. Concerning trichina, this is what the Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine has to say:

Part 10 - The Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine