This begs the question; the question I get most often, "Would God really punish us for food?"

Think about Heaven. What is Heaven really? Heaven is personal communion with God; face to face. While we have communion with Him now, the Bible talks about our communion with Him - FACE TO FACE (1 Cor 13:12; 1 John 3:2).

What caused the separation of our communion with God, to begin with? The eating of food we were told not to eat.

Yet, was the essence of the sin of Adam and Eve about them chewing on some food? No. That was the act but that was not the essence of their sin.

If we reduce bad to a mere breaking of God's commandments and good in keeping the commandments then we will never really understand why we do what we do. You will never know who you are. You will never see the greatness of the Majesty of God, you'll never see the fullness of the triumph of Christ, you'll never know the glory of what the Christian life is about.

The moral outrage here, the essence of the evil of Adam and Eve, was Adam and Eve desired food over God, they desired what the fruit could do for them rather than desiring what God could be to them, they chose themselves over God.

Question: "Obedience to God's Commandment" and "delight in God's Character"… which is more essential? If we had a choice between obedience to God's Commandments or taking delight in God's Character, which would be most important? Which of these is at the root of the other?

In Ps 37:4, God turned the delight in His Character into a commandment. God doesn't take neutral things or bad things and turn them good by turning them into commandments. By His very nature, and by His supreme beauty and His supreme worth, it is right to delight in Him above all things; and THAT'S WHY it is a commandment.

Did God turn the action of desiring anything before God evil by making it a command? No! It was evil before there was a commandment in the universe it was evil to desire anything over God.

Part 13 - Mocking God in Our Food