To say it’s NOT there, you would have had to searched out all possibilities that it MIGHT be there. If you say there is no God, you have to search ALL knowledge to know that God’s not there. If you searched all knowledge then that means you have all knowledge and by definition that makes you… god. Therefore, you deny your own existence with your statement that there is no God.

How can God exist when there’s so much evil in the world? The existence of evil actually points us to the existence of God; because if there’s evil in the world there must be good in the world. If there is good and evil then there must be a measure by which good and evil are judged; and that can only come from a moral law giver. This does not mean atheist don’t have morals or moral beliefs; this means atheist’s natural moral beliefs to be able to see both good and evil come from a God they do not believe in. My question would be, how can God NOT exist when there’s so much evil in the world?