Everyone has a bent towards sexual deviation. Homosexuality is not the only sexual sin and heterosexual males represent the majority of the people responsible for sexual immorality in the world today.

It’s amazing how many Christians want to pick and choose which sin is evil. While homosexuality is not Biblical neither is looking at another person naked (Lev 18:17; Habakkuk 2:15: Prov 25:26).

If we shake our heads at homosexuality and then we turn the channel to stare, uncritically, at adultery, to watch the trivialization of sex on TV or movies, look at seductive images on reality TV shows and virtual prostitution of advertisements that sell interest in us though sexuality, then we miss the whole point. Are our sins more acceptable because they are the sins of the majority?

To justify homosexuality, or any other sexual immorality, by using Scripture can only be done by saying the Bible is irrelevant, inaccurate, or insufficient.

Civilization is placing the LBGT movement on the same civil rights levels as racism. The fundamental flaw in that line of thinking is ethnic identity is a morally neutral attribute; black or white is not an issue of right or wrong. Yet, sexual activity is a morally chosen behavior.

Acting out sexual immorality is defended upon natural explanations; assuming that if there’s a natural explanation that implies moral obligation. “If I am this way then I have to act this way”. Causation does not imply justification.

The Bible does not disagree with science. The Bible says sexual immorality is immoral not improbably or impossible.

What is a homosexual act? A homosexual act is erotically satisfying a person of the same sex though sexual touching of that individual. Would you agree? Sure. This being the case; wouldn’t masterbation be a homosexual act?