1 Corinthians 15:19 (NKJV) If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men the most pitiable.

History, even the most secular of historians, agree that Yahshua DID live in the first century; and had a small group of followers. So the question is not whether or not Yahshua is real. The question is was Yahshua the Messiah or was He not (addressed in different section of this page); did He die or didn’t He; and either He rose from the dead or He didn’t. What’s fact for one person cannot be a non-fact for another. If you go to the bank to get some of your money out, the teller saying that they don’t believe you have money in the bank does not negate the fact that you do.

Come believe the burden of proof is solely on Christians to prove that Christ died and/or arose from the dead. There is a level of burden of proof on the Christian but there’s also a level of burden of proof upon the non-believers; because, even among the most secular of scholars, they agree that over two thousand years ago an entirely new religious movement and community was formed over night and hundreds of people started claiming that Yahshua died and arose from the dead.

Which is most plausible?
Some say that He didn’t die, He was just hurt so bad that He fainted. They thought He was dead and took Him off the cross and buried Him; and later He regained consciousness and escaped from the tomb. This theory relies on a belief that Yahshua went through six trials with no sleep, a brutal beating, thorns thrust into His head, nails driven through His hands and feet, and after hours on the cross a spear thrust into His side; then He was wrapped in grave clothes, put in a tomb, a stone was rolled over the entrance with Roman soldiers standing guard. Wo we are to believe that Yahshua regained consciousness, hopped out of the grave clothes, rolled the stone out of the way, passed the guards standing by, and cooly went about His way.

The other theory is called the “Wrong Tomb Theory”. This theory goes... The women, when returning to the grave upon the shock of loosing their loved one, went to the wrong tomb. They only mistakenly thought Yahshua had risen. Everyone started to believe because they were going to the wrong tomb also. These events happened in a time in which the last thing Jewish leaders wanted was for a claim of Yahshua rising from the dead; this is why guards were posted at the tomb. Apparently, they were posted at the wrong tomb also. The reality is that no one would have believed that Yahshua arose from the dead if the tomb was not actually empty. All people had to do is say, “The tomb is over there” and it would have shut down the whole idea from the start.

What if the disciples stole the body? This would mean that the timid disciples who ran scared when Yahshua was arrested, all of a sudden, outmaneuvered guards that were highly disciplined, highly trained, in order to do that which all the Jewish and Roman authorities were making sure would not happen. Also, there were all kinds of leaders that had disciples that would make claims that got them killed; yet, no where in history do we find any of their disciples stealing the body to claim their rabbi was raised from the dead.

Both those last theories are also undercut by the claims of people who saw Yahshua walking around. If you have an empty tomb and no one see’s Yahshua, then you just have something strange going on. If you have disciples stealing a body and claiming Yahshua arose from the dead but no one sees Him then you have disciples fabricating a lie. But if people actually saw Yahshua after He died on a cross then you have a real issue at that point.

The disciples were delusional when they saw Yahshua. In their pain over the death of Christ, they somehow believed that Yahshua was still guiding them and leading them. They had visions in their minds of Yahshua talking to them. Maybe they didn’t really believe He was still alive but rather believed He was spiritually alive and over time that developed into a myth that Yahshua physically arose from the dead. But again, there the fact that the belief was not gradually built but rather instantly, hundreds and thousands believed He arose from the grave. Not just the twelve but hundreds of people saw Yahshua walking, eating, and drinking. They did not see an image in the sky and hallucinations to not eat and do not drink.

A few people could have been deluded into thinking they saw Yahshua but Paul states that five hundred people saw Him, and many are still alive (1 Cor 16:6). In other words... go talk to them and they’ll tell you He arose.

As a result of making the claim of Yahshua rising from the dead, families were being ripped apart and people were dying. “I believe the witness’ who get their throats cut”. It’s not to their advantage to lie about it.