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We often view Genesis as a book that teaches us the origins of the universe, and the earth with its plant, animal, and humankind life. Have you ever noticed there is two chapters devoted to the creation story and three chapters devoted to the fall of the first family, then we skip time and move to chapter 6 where we move into Noah and preparing for the flood? Why is there only two chapters relating to the creation? That leave us with a lot of questions. And with the fall, we have so many questions about the fall of man.

Before we start looking at marriage through the eyes of God in Genesis, we need to understand some basic understanding about the context in which this book resides.

There were over 2000 years before the children of Israel were captive in Egypt. In that time, man lived with certain issues in life. Where did this sexual desire come from? How come men and women are so different? Why are women typically so driven to rule over man and man so apt to view women as less? Why is there pain and suffering? Why are bad people around? Why is child bearing so painful and why is it so difficult to make food grow? What is happening in our lives? These are questions that were left to the folklore of the day.

After that 2000 years, the children of Israel were captive in Egypt for 430 years. Besides the questions already discussed they now had a bad sense of who they were. If they didn't make enough bricks, or make them well enough, they were seen as worthless and were often punished, their families with them often times.

The fact is, many of us have these same issues with values and same questions of why this or that is the way it is. That's one reason I feel the need for this study.

When God brought them out of Egypt, God gave them the Torah starting with Genesis. The message of Genesis is designed to provide information to the children of Israel, and to us, about who God is and who He designed us to be. In it,
Genesis shows us that our value is not in what we do but who we are. It's a story of how God created man equal. While there is a headship, woman was not created any less in value and man was not created to rule over her. The story tells us of His wonderful creation and how that got distorted into the culture they lived in. It does not answer the question of how God created the Earth, how He created man, did snakes really talk, and what the tree of life or the one of the knowledge of good and evil was. The purpose of Genesis was to tell us who we are, as mankind, as male and female. It shows us how it went wrong, how it continues to go wrong, and how God, in His mercy, formed a people to trust and follow His design.

When we understand this context, we view Genesis on a different level. We stop asking it questions it was not designed to do and start looking at the things it was designed to do.

In that, chapters one, two, and three are designed to show us who He is and who we are in His divine creation. It's designed to show us that our value is not in what we do. It's designed to show us how both man and woman is just as precious and valuable in His eyes. It's designed to show us how we are to operate as a couple. And it's designed to show us how it all went wrong. It actually pinpoints areas that we miss due to translation issues or because we tend to skim over text without taking into account the purpose it was included.

In this study, we're going to take a deep look into these pictures that Genesis is painting so we can see how our marriage is supposed to operate.

I pray you enjoy and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.