Most things prophesied as signs to the End Days have been going on for quite some time. Though I believe that prophecies pertain to the condition of the church in the End Days, I also believe that these things will accelerate in the World.

As true teachings of God are removed from within the Body of Christ, the people become more decadent and therefore accept the practice of things more abdominal in these end times.

The links on this page will lead you to writings of events happening within todays times. These events seem to bee sure signs of where this country and this world are heading. These are not by beliefs, they are not my words, they are not my imagination. These writings are facts based on government documents and mainstream media articles; and those links are provided so that you can investigate it yourself.

The informations may seem a bit scrambled at times. This is because they are bits from news letters that I send out (almost weekly). If you would like to be added to the news letter, just email me and it will be done.

God Bless and keep this country and the world in your prayers.