A father was taking his two son's on a boat ride through the Caribbean. They get to a location where there use to be a chicken slaughter house on one of the islands and they would dump the chicken waste into the water, so the waters were infested with sharks. He told his son's, what ever you do, don't go swimming here.

The boys were playing around and one shoved the other who went overboard while grabbing hold of his brother and sending him overboard with him. The father heard the splash and went running to the back of the boat. He told his boys to calmly swim out of the water. The boys continued to horse around in the water and the dad started to see shadows appear, circling the boys. He told them sharks are in the water; but because they did not see the dorsal fins, they did not believe him.

The father knew it would not be long and knowing how sharks operate, he cut his wrist and jumped into the water on the other side of the boat, swimming in the opposite direction of the boys.

The boys saw the water churn where their father was, and blood flow up.

How would the father feel if the boys stayed in the water? How much more can that father do, if they decide to stay in the water?

Salvation is our decision based on whether or not we stay in the water.