REVIVAL - True Story

I once knew a couple who were slowly fading apart. They loved each other at one time, got married, and started a life. The man, though, had his love fade into another; a race car. Every bit of time and money went into that car, while his wife sat on the sidelines. She once asked him, "If you had an extra couple hundred dollars, would you buy something I wanted or something for the car?". He replied, "For the car"

Unless there were some changes, that couple is probably separated today. There was only one thing that could have fixed it.

In the church, many are looking for revival. They are trying to play the right music, have the right sermons, and trying to have the most powerful prayer. They are trying to uplift the people, get a movement going. Like this marriage, there's only one thing that can be done. We are spending more time in the things of this world then we are spending with Christ, and our relationship is fading. The proof can be found in the apostate manner of the church today.

That man, in the story, needed to put aside his car and spend some time and money with his wife. He could have told her over and over he loved her. He could have taken a couple hours a week and played some romantic music for her. Yet, none of this would have helped. She wanted something more, his devotion by a show of his time and his money.