A brother and sister came down with a deadly sickness. The boy, who was about 6 years old, was able to fight it off and got healthy again; but his sister could not fight it. The doctors knew that the only chance was to do a blood transfusion from the boy to the girl. The doctor sat down with the little 6 year old boy and ask if he would be willing to give some of his blood to his sister. The boy's lip quivered a little and he said yes.

They immediately took the little boy into the operating room and his sister was already there and prepped. They hooked up the IV's and the boy watched as the blood started to flow from his arm to his sisters; and he gave her a smile. He then turned to the doctor and asked, "How long before I die". The doctor knew immediately what the little quivering lip was from, yet the boy was willing to lay down his life for his sister.