An article was just released that echo’s two things that I’ve been shouting warnings about:
1. You need to learn how to properly study Scripture; because the American Gospel as a whole is filled with lies and deception.
2. Revelation is about persecution of the people of God.

Revelation first warns us of a religious power that arose out of Old Rome and would persecute the saints physically. Revelation warns us second about a religious christian looking empire that would arise from the vastness of the land and speak lies. Revelation 13 warns us that this empire would bring fire from heaven; which is a false spirit or gospel. It’s by this false spirit that the saints will be conquered through deception. Through this deception the people would build an image and that image will be worshiped by all the world. I’ve sounded warnings that the image is the American Dream of security and prosperity.

Attached is a link to an article “13 Contrasts Between American and Biblical Christianity”. The article has a list of 13 differences in what the Bible says verses the practices of the modern American Christian. Every pastor and Christian should read these and let the truth of these soak in. I’m not sure if the author is aware that many of their comments strongly enforce that which I have been warning the church about - comments like:

“...many beliefs, doctrines and practices prevalent in the church... are not in accord with the clear teaching of Scripture. Sadly this is the often the case with the evangelical church in the United States.” - [The Christian looking beast from the vastness of land that brings fire from heaven]

“Since the United States is so influential, American evangelicals have exported a gospel replete with an American cultural paradigm that is not in line with the Hebraic paradigm of Scripture. Consequently, sometimes in the U.S. pulpit, preaching can come across more like the "American Dream" than sound, biblical teaching.” - [The image the whole world will worship]

Here is the 13 point list. The article elaborates on each point more.

1. American Christianity focuses on individual destiny. The Bible focuses on corporate vision and destiny.

2. American Christianity focuses on individual prosperity. The Bible focuses on stewardship.

3. American Christianity focuses on self-fulfillment and happiness. The Bible focuses on glorifying God and serving humanity.

4. American Christianity appeals to using faith to attain stability and comfort. The Bible encourages believers to risk life and limb to advance the Kingdom.

5. American Christianity usually focuses on individual salvation. The Bible deals with individual and systemic redemption.

6. The American apologetic focuses on human reason. The Bible's apologetic focuses on the power of God and experience.

7. American believers have a consumerist mentality regarding a home church. The biblical emphasis is being equipped for the ministry.

8. American Christianity promotes a culture of entertainment. The Bible promotes the pursuit of God.

9. American Christianity depends upon services within a building. The biblical model promotes a lifestyle of worship, community and Christ following.

10. American Christianity is about efficiency. The biblical model is about effectiveness.

11. In American Christianity the pastor is elected. In the biblical model God calls the pastor.

12. In American Christianity the individual interprets the Bible. In the New Testament the hermeneutical community interprets the Bible.

13. American Christianity trains its leaders in Bible colleges. Biblical Christianity nurtures leaders through personal mentoring.

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