As many know, who read my post’s, I recently had a friend who pass away, a man I’ve known for just under 40 years. While I lost track of him for a few years, for the past several we’ve stayed in touch through FaceBook. I wanted to give a witness to his life by the evidence shown by his death.

Eric Wollam was raised, and lived, in a small southern town named Bradford, TN. He always had adversities through life: he always had health problems. Many of the common sickness which we have, the severity was multiplied for Eric. Yet, I never once, in those 40 years, heard him complain. Like Paul, though he had a thorn in his side, God used it through Eric’s willing soul to show the better side of God, the peace one can have no matter what life throws at us. I believe people respected his life, even as teenagers in school, because he knew no man as his adversary.

He was a a son to Pat Wollam and Margie Wollam, a husband to Catherine Garrett Wollam, and father of three beautiful girls: Lauren Grace Wollam, Lindsey Brooke Wollam, and Mary Elizabeth Wollam. He was a CT Coordinator at the local hospital, and a part of the ministry team at his local church. He loved the Cub’s and would go running with his family; but nothing came before his God. If someone was feeling down and out, all they had to do is look at Eric. In everything he did, no matter what the situation, he had a big smile glued to his face.

No, Eric wasn’t perfect: he had his errors, he had his faults; but, what he knew to be true to God he seems to have followed; and the love of Christ radiated to everyone around him.

At his viewing, a witness of his life was revealed; in a town of a population of only 1,048, There was a two hour wait outside the funeral home, for friends to pay respects to Eric for one last time.

The Bible says that we will have riches in Heaven, yet what are riches in a place to where we don’t buy anything or sell anything. Our riches in Heaven are those souls who are there because of our witness to them: they are our fruits, some hundredfold, some sixty, and some thirty (Matt 13:23). There is no doubt Eric produced the fruit and will have many running to him thanking him for his words, his love, his smile.

The world may not agree with believing in a God to which we can not physically see. The world may not agree in a life of abstinence from sinful acts they call fun. But we could all aspire to reach a level which we see in the story of my friend Eric Wollam, that we could touch so many lives in such a positive way.
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