Do you disagree with anything the Bible says? Our religious side says, “no”. But if we examine our lives, we see that we disagree with quite a bit of the Bible. We disagree with the issue of pork, Sabbath, kicking people out of the church for non repentant sin, helping the foreigner who lives among us, giving the abundance of our money to the poor to equal us out (ouch, yes that is in there).

Even though there are parts of the Bible we disagree with, we must assume we are wrong; and still obey. To disagree with God, and assume we know better, is like a three year old child telling us how to do something better in their child raising.

The fact comes down to, if we disagree with God’s Word, and we refuse to obey because we disagree, we are not really a follower of God. If we only agree with God when He agree’s with us, we become our god.
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