We’ve conditioned ourselves to hear sermons and not respond. Oh, we say good sermon, but we don’t respond with action. Sermons have become Christian entertainment - I often call church (as it is today) a sunday morning reality show. We go to church to “get our praise on” and hear a well-developed sermon and a convicting thought. We’ve become satisfied with the thought of being convicted, then apparently feel the job is done. Yet, Scripture tells us if we are hearing the Word and not doing something with it, we deceive ourselves.

Think about what it would look like if we actually took the Bible, and what Y’shua had to say, serious. In Luke 6, Y’shua says to “do good to those who hate you”. Think about someone who hates you, are you willing to go do something good for them? Will you do that? Before you continue, think about that serous answer, and be truthful - yes or no? Now, in most cases the answer would be “no” - if we are honest with ourselves. If your answer was “yes” than I challenge you to do that good thing within the next week. If you can’t do it, your answers “no”. Now, tell God right now, “No, I will not do that”. We are not willing to make the statement, but if we don’t follow through on what He tells us to do, we are telling God that every day.

We don’t think it through because we’ve formed a habit of listening to the Word of God and not obeying it. If we actually took Scripture literally, and actually applied it, we wouldn’t have what our flesh desires. So, we walk away sad, or we run to the church where no one else is doing it, but seem ok with that fact.

When I read Scripture, I see people who acted upon what was written. If we call ourselves the church, if we call ourselves disciples, if we call ourselves Christian (Christ like), we will start taking His words seriously.
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