Anyone who has ever raised a child has had the moment; that moment when your deep into something and you look over just to see your child trying to mimic your every move. They way they are sitting, the legs crossed, they way they are propping their head, etc. There’s a feeling that comes over you, that this child looks up to you so much that they want to mimic everything about you. There’s a certain level of pride that comes to you and you think, “Let’s go get some ice cream!” The child did not mimic you in efforts to get a prize, they just loved you so much that they wanted to mimic you; but you don’t care, you want to get them some ice cream anyway.

I don’t want to try and say the right sermon, sing the right song, pray the right way, to get the “Ice Cream” from God; His Spirit. I want to have my love for Him at a level that makes me want to mimic Him; not for His Spirit, but just because I look up to Him so much. In the process, I do want Him to be so proud that He is compelled to give me the “Ice Cream” anyway
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