On my personal Facebook page, I recently posted the question:

“If a child is good, but they don't offer to assist their parents in any way, are they still defined as good? If they don't create problems for the parents but they don't do chores set up by the parents, are these children good? Should this be allowed?”

I received a few responses which I’m not going to list in whole, but they did all agree for the most part. I’m going to quickly compile these response then ask a new question.

The responses basically went as such:

“Structure is a good thing along with responsibility”

“...They are not being obedient if they are not doing as they are told.”

“...It is disrespect to parents cause it allows them to feel as if they don't have to be grateful for anything.”

“...with good responsibilities there comes reward. That's the reality of life, and instilling good work ethics at and early age prepares for a fulfilling future.”

“God requires both so why wouldn't we as parents teach our children that way.”

I want to say that this article is not directed at any one person, nor the people who commented on my question. It’s directed at all of us.

We are called “children of God”: He is our Father; and as any good father, He has provided “structure”. As the last commenter said, “God requires both” in a list of rules AND a list of “chores”. If we, as children, obey the rules in not sinning but ignore the chores given so that we can play in the things of this world, are we any different than the child who ignores it’s parents chores so they can play?

This teaching comes straight from the comments; which are from a variety of religious beliefs, all of whom believe in God the Father. According to those responding, if we keep the rules but ignore the chores, we are “not being obedient” and are “disrespecting” God by “not doing as [we] are told.” When we don’t do the work commanded by our Father, it shows that we are not “grateful for anything”.

As parents, why would we hold our children to one standard and not hold ourselves to that same standard with our Heavenly Father?

What many of us fail to see, if we read the Bible through the eyes of the Spirit of Elohim, with keeping “good responsibilities”, given by God, “there comes reward”. For we are judged not only on the ability to keep the rules but whether we do the “chores” also. If we do not work the works of God, we will not receive the reward; because we are ungrateful and disobedient.

Titus 1:16
“They profess to know God, but in works they deny Him, being abominable, disobedient, and disqualified for every good work.”
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