When I read Scripture that tells me not to store up (Luke 12:16-21) and I read not to store up things here on earth but to store up riches in heaven (Matt 6:20), isn't it pretty crazy to be scrambling so hard for things of this world when, at any moment, your life can stop without notice? Isn't it absolutely nuts, to covet the things your neighbor has, forsaking God's instruction, and buying those things which will fall apart within a few years? When I look back at my life, I can only think of a couple items that I'm glad I bought (the bedroom suit we've had for almost 20 years, etc). But, and think about this, look at how many things that we've spent money on, that we can say, "that was a waste of money" - because that item is either dead and gone or collecting dust with no use what-so-ever. Are we really willing to trade Heaven for these things?

Comforting thought with the holiday of greed and coveting just around the corner. Yet, will we be hearers or doers? Will we take the words seriously? (Refer to Friday's post "DO YOU TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY?"
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