Yesterday, I was dispatched on a load that would get me home. I had one pick up in Columbia, SC and I had to go to another town to pick up a few more pallets. When I arrived for my second pick up, the load was not ready. I sat there for five hours because a barcode was not printing on the paperwork needed to load me. After the barcode printed, they found out that the product had not even been released and they could not load me: they ended up sending me to my delivery, short those few pallets. Yet, I still could not go home, because my log book had now run out of hours.

No, not exactly a Paul and Silas moment, I was not falsely accused nor thrown in prison. But, when you are working for free, and being held up when trying to get home, it can become quite stressful; and most will complain.

Paul and Silas were not thrown in prison because of man. Yes, man was a trigger, but they were thrown in because of God. No, Scripture does not say that, but when God guides our steps and our lives, we end up in situations we may not like. With Paul and Silas, their time in prison allowed the jailer to come to the salvation truth of Christ - and the jailers family as well.

Yesterday, I could have rant and raved at the issues, but I kept my peace. Because of that, I had a wonderful chance to talk to a few people about Christ; and the relationship that God desires.

When we rant, and rave, and complain, we close the door for opportunity that God may have put us there for. People don’t want to listen to how great God is, when the person talking about Him is so troubled, miserable, and mad. It’s funny, many times I’ve heard people blame satan; and command him to leave (I wonder how God feels about being called satan?).

When we end up in situations that are not as desirable as we wanted, not quite what we planned, we should walk in joy, and look for the opportunity offered to us for the building of the Kingdom of God. After all, what do we have to complain about - in most cases we are not being thrown in prison - we are just not getting what we want, and throwing a temper tantrum over it.
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