Why is sex becoming an issue at ages far younger than just 30 years ago?

Many parents put their trust into entertainment companies, like Disney, who portray themselves as child friendly. Yet, as in this picture from the movie “Little Mermaid” we see Disney putting sexually explicit pictures into “children’s” movies.

This is not a fluke, or someone’s imagination that it’s happening. In 1999, Disney recalled the movie “The Rescuers” because of a scene with TWO topless women in the background. These are cartoons, thus it can’t be an accident; because it must be drawn and colored to be in the film.

Disney movies are riddled with pictures of sexual organs, topless women, playboy pictures, erections, flashing, and the word “sex”; yet only ONE movie has been recalled for the issue - make sense?

With the popularity of TV as the “baby sitter”, more and more children, from the youngest of ages, are being constantly subjected to subliminal messages towards sex. Would we expect their actions to be any different?

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