Have you ever ran into someone who had a passion for something?

We use to love NASCAR (yes we are from the south). My wife was about the worse I’ve seen this side of the crazies camping in the infield. She was a huge Jimmy Johnson fan (I’ll probably loose some readers now), and I use to say that Mr. Johnson was in trouble; because, if we have the desires of our heart in Heaven, our home will be a beautiful home with a 42 car garage, a replica track of Bristol Motor Speedway in the back yard, and Jimmy Johnson living in the end suite.

We run into people all the time, and are probably some of those people if we do a truthful evaluation of ourselves, who love to talk about what they are passionate about. I have a friend who is passionate about survival tactics, family who is passionate about a specific sport and team, passionate about music and instruments, there’s people passionate about Facebook even. These people radiate their passion to other because it’s what they like to talk about.

What does it mean when we passionately tell others about the worldly things we love and we barely give a whisper about God and the one who died for us? What does it mean when we can be wearing a shirt supporting our passion but still feel the need to verbally tell someone of that passion; yet, we are satisfied with the fallacy that “my life is my witness” and keep our mouth shut about Christ?

“If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him (1 John 2:15), because he that is more concerned about the worldly things dose not witness (Matt 13:22); but he who does the will of God (Matt 28:19) abides forever (1 John 2:17).
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