Everyone always wants to get healthier right? I have a close friend who had a weight problem, digestive problems, and bowel problems. When he accepted the truth of this simple Biblical diet (which is not a diet as we would think of a diet for losing weight), his digestive issues are gone, his bowels are back to normal, and he lost over 11 pounds quickly.



(LEV 11:3, ISAIAH 66:15-17):

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine called me and asked about three vaccines he received. To keep this a little shorter, I let him know that statics showed that only one in several hundred thousand to millions actually get one of these diseases he was vaccinated for.

Later, I informed him that while he was worried about these vaccines, or the diseases they were for, there is a danger he had to which as many as 3% of Americans can contract, thats 3 out of only 100 people. It’s a parasite called Trichina that affects the joints and is very difficult to diagnose. It’s often diagnosed as arthritis or bursitis, but it’s actually “hogitis”.