Hello and welcome to the Study Resource page. The learning institutions and churches have failed in their teaching how to research and learn what is written. Many just want to follow a sound theology and a well trained pastor, but “sound theology” and “well trained pastor” is a fallacy; an “appeal to authority”. Once one understands the educational system, they then understand the religious system. The schools (both civil and religious) teaches what belief or doctrine they want you to know; they do not teach you how to study and come to the conclusion on your own. They tell you want they want you to know, give you answers to a test to memorize, just to forget them to memorize the next set of answers.

The church is no different. The pastor tells you what he believes, based on the teaching he’s received from the school, which is what they wanted him to know; based on the denomination of the school. Or, if they did not go to school, they teach you what they believe based on what they were trained in; following the same pattern of scriptures that were showed him, never learning how to study God’s Word and letting the Spirit lead to truth.

The congregation then follows what the pastor says, opening their Bibles only to what the pastor wants to show. None of them, not pastor nor congregation, take the example of the Bereans but follow the error of the Thessalonians (Acts 17:10-11). Instead, they get on message boards and parrot that which was told to them and each conversation seems as a recording; because it’s only text pulled from context. If they were to be like the Bereans, the division of the church would be no more.

The problem is that our time is to precious to give to the study of God; no not more than a couple hours a week. The average Bible reader, in the US, reads 52 minutes per week, while the average time viewing ONLY commercials on TV is 61 minutes a day with a total screen time (tv, computer, smart phone) of 8.5 hours per day. It’s no wonder the church is in the apostate condition its in.

They rather study the things of the world then the things of God (Mark 4:18-19; 2 Tim 3:4; 1 John 2:15) therefore ever learning but not coming to knowledge (2 Tim 3:7) and having a form of godliness but denying the power (2 Tim 3:5).

This is why the truth of the WHOLE Word is hidden from the “wise” and given to babes (Matt 11:25); and why those which the religious try to debate, return with far more scriptures from the whole of the Word, in unison from cover to cover, instead of passages from context which contradict the Word. For how can salvation by grace only be when the Word says, faith without works is dead (James 2:17)? It’s because religion rather leave out the passages that go against what they WANT to believe.

This page is not about a debate, it’s not one denominational belief against another. What makes this page different from the others on this site? This links on this page consist’s mainly of quotes and scriptures with very little commentary. I’ve tried to break each page down to subject and each subject down to sub-reference categories. For example: The page on the Ten Commandments have categories of “Before Man”, “Before Moses”, “Knowledge of Sin”, etc which then contain the Biblical passages relative to the category. When you see what the Bible says as a whole, you can come to a better understanding of what is being told us in the Word of God. But beware, in seeing what the WHOLE Word says, you will feel betrayed by those you though you could trust to give you the truth. But your salvation and walk is between you and Adonai; thus this is important.

This is my own work in the seeking and pursuit of Christ and the truth of His Word. I would recommend that others do the same, and these resources can provide a good start for you. I have pages, on my computer, to which I’ve divided according to category. When I’m reading the Word of God, and come across a passage relative to a category, I add that passage to the page. In this manner, I can see what the Bible says as a whole. If you desire to know the truth, I would recommend the same; and this resource can be a good start for you. Just copy and past to your own pages or word documents saving under the title of the category for easy reference.

I hope and pray that these will be of a good resource for all who want to find, and know more about our walk, what the Bible says, and what history has shown.

God Bless

How To Study The Bible
A two book series on how to unlock the gold within Scripture

Ten Commandments
Biblical passages breaking down Old Testament, New Testament, End Days, Character of God, etc.

Sin and Salvation
A full spectrum of Bible passages breaking down the definition of sin and salvation. Hold on to your hat, as the Bible paints a different picture than what the popular belief is in religion today.

Anti-Christ and Beast Power
This page puts history and Biblical Prophecy together to show who the first beast is and that anti-christ.

Sabbath Day
Now that we have the knowledge of who the beast is, now we can look at what THEY call their mark and how we can receive that mark.

Tabernacle a Shadow of Christ
Many people don’t know how the ceremonial laws and Christ are related, the old covenant and the new, or the manner in which we are saved through Jesus blood. These are scriptures and history that show the parallel of the two; and the function Jesus is operating in right now... as our High Priest.