It seems that the art of studying the Bible has been almost lost. For decades now, people have been reading the Bible in sections, pulling Scripture from the context, putting a modern meaning to it, combining the passages with other Scripture that is not even associated, and coming up with all sorts of theology based upon these tactics.

We must remember that the Bible was not written to the twenty-first century American people, or which ever country you are from. The Bible was written over about five hundred years to people in a different culture, different language, different mindsets, with different problems and issue than we have. Not that man has changed all that much but the Bible answers their questions, it was not designed to answer ours.

As I’ve studied through the years I’ve learned different little tips and tricks that make the Bible come alive. As I study, and these tips come to mind, I’ll record the tips and tricks to a better understanding of Bible Study in this section. I pray that it helps you see the beauty of the text and it brings to life a book that has been looked at too academically to the point it merely sits on a shelf. So, grab your Bibles and let’s see what’s being said.