"Using a digestion technique alone, studies found recently that 17.15 percent (out of 344 unselected cadavers) were infected in Rochester, N.Y., and 27.6 percent (out of 58) in Boston, Mass.; McNaught and Anderson similarly found 24 percent (out of 200) in San Francisco, California. Riley and Scheifley, using a compression, direct examination technique, found that 17.9 percent (out of 117 cadavers) were infected in Minneapolis, while McGath, using a similar technique at the Mayo Clinic, found an infection rate of 7 percent (out of 220 cadavers). Hall and Collins find that it is necessary to use both techniques to get a true picture. They examined 300 cadavers in Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Md., and found 13.67 percent infected. They estimate that the infection rate for the whole of the United States is about 17.5 percent."

So, out of those reading this article, it's likely that 17.5 percent are infected with the most deadly parasite to the human body. In comparison, in 2015, smoking deaths, in the US, equate to 1% of the population.

Don't tell me praying over it makes it ok. You stand a better chance praying over a cigarette.

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