If the child, in the womb, is a human than the debate of abortion is nonexistent.

Some say women have a freedom to choose. In some cases yes. We do not have the freedom to eliminate toddlers when they become burdensome.

“The state cannot take away a woman right to choose.” The government always takes a right to choose. I cannot choose to walk in your driveway and drive off with your car. If caught speeding, when the officer walks up to the window of my vehicle, I do not look at him and say, “I have a right to choose what ever speed I want”. If we had the right to choose what ever we wanted, the result would be anarchy.

“A woman has a right over her own body.” Does that include prostitution; or is there laws against that?

“I don’t think we should take the right to choose away from someone.” As a society, we take the right to choose to do evil away every single day; and it’s a good thing.

“I don’t think we should force morality on other people”. The government exist’s to enforce morality (stealing, murder, etc.), and enforces morality every single day.

“If we don’t legalize abortion then women will do it in back allies with coat hangers.” If it is dangerous to kill a person should we make it easier to do so? If it is dangerous for a man to rob a bank should we create laws making it easier for him to do so?

Every year there are about 15 million babies born pre-mature. Five percent of those (750,000) are born before the third trimester (earlier than 28 weeks). Fifteen percent (2,250,000) are born in the early third trimester (28 to 31 weeks). All of the premature babies are given extra care to help them live. Rightly so, life is precious. If a doctor was to come into the hospital room and, instead of giving care, too the life of the child while laying quietly by their mother’s breast; that would be homicide. Yet, the same child, laying peacefully in the womb, inches from their mothers breast, can be legally killed. That which is 27 weeks old and outside the womb is life therefore, that which is 27 weeks old and inside the womb is life.

Would we murder a child because they have been born with a defect? Would we murder a child because they were born of a rape conception? If we would not take the life of a child in these cases, why would we take the life of a child in the womb? If a tough decision but if the baby in the womb is a life then the debate of abortion is over.

People talk about being pro-choice. We are pro-choice about where to live, what to eat, what to drive, where to work, but we are not pro-choice about rape.