A farmer had a neighbor that moved next door from the city. After becoming friends, one day the city guy told the farmer, "I would love to have a cow that I could get fresh milk from". So, the farmer sold his neighbor a cow. A short time later the city guy said to the farmer, "There's something wrong with the cow because it's not producing milk".

The farmer asked, "Are you milking her?"

The city man said, "Yes, when ever I need some. If we need milk for our breakfast I get a little bit from her, and if my wife needs some for baking, I get a little more. If I need some for coffee, I get some more."

The farmer replied, "That's the problem. When you milk a cow, you got to get all you can each time"
Many people treat Christ like this cow. If we want the fullness of the Spirit, we need to reach higher and get all we can.