SALVATION - Is Matthew 7 telling us that most of the church, who think they are saved, will not be going to Heaven?

PURPOSE OF PARABLES - Did you know that Jesus taught in parables so people would NOT understand and so they would NOT be saved? That's exactly what He said. Let's look at why.

BESIEGED CHURCH -The church is besieged and the spirit starving but we're so fat by riches and food that we can't see it.

REVIVAL - There's nothing in this world that is more important than our God, it's a life lived with this truth that brings revival in a person.

THE SERMON - Could we have a wrong view of what Y'shua was trying to tell us in the Beatitudes and what we call "the sermon on the mount"? Would the crowd gathered give us better insight?

THE BEGINNING - SABBATH - The creation poem (not story) follows two major lines of thinking - creation and Sabbath. See the treasure map painted by the author of Genesis.

TWO WOMEN - In the telling of the story of two women in Mark, he is painting a picture for us that is beyond what we are seeing on the surface.

YOUR DESERT - Looking at the context of Psalm 23, Israel in the desert, and how this looks in our lives.

GREAT MYSTERY - In Ephesians 5:32, Paul says the connection between marriage and the picture of Christ and the church is a "mystery". Here we look at the deepness of this mystery