I'm about to cover with you the hardest part of Bible study, especially if you have any time in the church or around church people.

I was raised across a spectrum of denominations, from Nazarene, Baptist, Assembly of God, Pentecostal Holiness, and non-denominational. Each denomination was said to read the same Bible but each one differed greatly in their understanding of the Bible. I believe the root cause is not understanding how to study the Bible.

Another thing that I noticed was how presuppositions formed their understanding of what they were reading. Each denomination goes to the text with a pre-conceived notion of what it will say based upon what that denomination tends to focus on. For example, Baptist sees Grace and assurance of salvation in practically every portion of text, even if it's talking about what we do. Pentecostals and non-denominations have a focus on Spiritual gifts, especially tongues. Non-denominations also see the prosperity message in practically every story of the Bible. Church of Christ's focus is on baptism and no music while Seventh Day Adventist sees the Law in every text.

When we have presuppositions, we do not allow the Bible to tell us what God wanted to say to us; no, we force the Bible to tell us what we want to hear and believe. The hardest part of proper Bible study will be to eliminate the presuppositions you've learned when going to the text. Even when we try, our own desires will often lead us to not follow what is said because we'll throw our "big butt" into the text; "I see what this is saying BUT..." We can either kneel under the text or we can stand over it. I would pray that our desire would be to kneel under the text and submit our life to this text.