Many professing Christians call America, “God’s Country”; I use to. Yet, when one understand prophecy, they see that a nation will arise that looks like a christian nation, with two powers at it’s head to which neither are ruling, we should be asking, “Are we really God’s country?”

On 02-18-03 journalist Eric Gillin, released an article1 where he interviewed the church of satan. In the interview, the representative of the church of satan said,

"America is absolutely a Satanic nation, by our definition. Iraq is yet another spiritually oriented nation that is ruled by a despot -- business-as-usual considering the history of the governments on this world. We see the U.S. as being very unique in history, the world's first Satanic republic, and so it is important to many Satanists."

I find this interesting. Is America a satanic nation? When we look at prophecy, we see that this Christian looking empire would build an image that the entire world will worship. There is only one image that all religions will worship, it’s called “The American Dream”: not the dream of freedom (built by the forefathers) but the one built by the people - pleasure’s, power, money.

So then, what is even more disturbing is WHY the church of satan considers America a satanic nation. Eric Gillin makes the following statement:

"What they [Satanists] essentially believe, is that life should be lived in the pursuit of pleasures, and we only get one chance to do it. Sounds like America to us."

Yep, and despite the numerous warnings, in Holy Scripture, to avoid seeking after the pleasures of this world, the professing christian community has embraced it as their own.

1 The Black Table -
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