Before my wife and I started dating, I did not know her; and she did not know me - otherwise she may not have went out with me. I’d seen her around, and a friend told me about her, but knew nothing else of her. It was not until I started spending time with her, studying her, that I found out who she was and could say I know her. Now, after so long a time, I know her quite well, and when she is happy, I feel joy; and when she is in sorrow, my heart is sorrowful. Yet, even though I know her, I can’t stop studying her; because I love her.

When I listen to people make comments about God, and Christ, I find a multitude of church going, professing Christians, that do not know our Creator. They know of Him, and have seen Him around, but they really don’t know Him. They’ve listened to others describe Him (teachers, preachers, evangelist), but many of those don’t even know Him. The reason that professing Christians don’t know Christ, is because they don’t “date” Him, they don’t spend time with Him, they don’t study Him.

Because professing Christians don’t know Christ, they’re feelings are not connected with His. They think they feel what Christ feels: they are sickened by the things of the world and satisfied with the condition of the church. Yet, Christ was saddened by the condition of the world and sickened by the condition of the church; the same condition the church has today.

A recent poll says that professing Christians spend an average of around 60 minutes per week reading Scripture; and only two percent of professing Christians witness on a regular basis. If we want to know Christ, if we want to be His bride, should we not be spending more time with Him?
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