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In my lifetime, there have been many failed predictions of the end and coming of Christ. In 1981 by Chuck Smith, 82 by Pat Robertson, 85 by Lester Sumrall, 88 by Edgar C. Wisenant, 91 by Menachem Mendel, 92 by Rollen Stewart, 93, by David Berg, 94 by Herold Camping, 95 by Herold Camping again, 99 by many people including Phillip Berg and James Gordon Lindsay, 2000 (which was the mother of all mess ups) was the predicted end by many people including Jerry Falwell, Ed Dobson, Lester Sumrall again, and Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins (authors of the Left Behind Series still vastly sold today), 2007 by Pat Robertson again, two different times in 2011 by Herold Camping for a third time, the 2012 Mayan apocalypse, and in 2015 the Tetrad Moons. 2023 buzz of Gog and Magog, 2024 Eclipse.

All these different predictions and not a single one comes true. Why is this? Not, why did the end not come? That's a given - it wasn't the time. The question is, Why are all the predictions wrong? Three answers - the easiest first. Jesus said, No one knows the day or the hour except God (Matt 24:36).

The second answer is that most people, even those teaching about the letter of Revelation, have no clue on how to study it. You can learn more in the
How to Study article.

The third answer is a bit more diabolical and can only be understood when one understands prophecy. Think about that. The facts that end day predictions are wrong is located right in prophecy. Let me rephrase that for those who maybe didn't get it the way I said it. Prophecy, in a round-about way, gives prophecy of the bad end day predictions. How is this?

When old Rome was falling, it was divided into ten kingdoms. From those ten kingdoms, a small powerful religious kingdom arose destroying three of the ten kingdoms. That small and powerful religious kingdom killed more Christians than any other empire in history. Some may have already figured out that the religious kingdom that arose out of old Rome was roman catholicism. It's the empire that would have power over the saints for a time, times, and half a time in Daniel 7 and the seven-headed beast that would have the power to persecute the saints for 42 months (same time period) in Revelation 13. But, it's not the catholic kingdom you have to worry about.

The reformers read how Christ left the riches of Heaven to come down to poverty for the service of sinners, the service of widows and the poor. The catholic empire flourished in riches and power while treading down the poor. They taught a false gospel of maryinism, purgatory, confession, and relic's for salvation. The reformers looked at the catholic kingdom and knew they were not representing the image of christ, and therefore pulled away.

Many people started pointing the finger at the catholic kingdom and called them the beast of Revelation, the great whore of chapter 17. So, under the order of the catholic church, Fransisco Ribera (a Jesuit priest) purposely distorted the way that end day prophecies were understood. For the first time, the beast of Revelation 13 were men instead of kingdoms, a seven-year peace treaty theology was born along with a seven-year tribulation period, a man to rule the end called anti-christ was born into end day prophecy, along with many other distorted interpretations.

The teachings of Ribera were widely rejected and thus put in storage by the roman catholic church. They resurfaced as notes in the Bible called, the Scofield Bible. Later they were written in a book by Clarence Larkin, called Dispensational Truth. The book, Dispensational Truth, is considered to be the Bible of End Day prophecy in almost all Bible Colleges in America today and the majority of end days teachings of the church comes from this book.

Follow this pattern, the end day teachings taught in the majority of Christian circles today originated with a document that was intended to distort the Biblical truth in end day prophecy. So, how is this prophesied in the Bible? Should we keep following a teaching that has been wrong so many times? Or, should we employ the way
the letter was intended to be read? I don't want to run around in circles. My time is too precious and too short to be led on a "wild goose chase" that leads to nowhere. If you're looking for the same, let's continue this journey.