INTRODUCTION - A short reading into why there's overwhelming beliefs of certain aspects of the End Days that cannot be found in the Bible

FAILED PREDICTIONS - There have been many predictions of the coming of Christ over the years. Here we look at why these predictions were is such error

HISTORY OF THE MESSAGE - Here we discover how the modern popular teaching of the End Days started by going back to the 1500's when a challenge was set forth to distort what was being believed from the Biblical text.

WHO WAS IT FOR? - Is Revelation only applicable to the last church in the history of the world or does the writings in the book apply to all people. Who was Revelation written for?

HOW TO STUDY - Revelation is such a difficult book to study. How do we even start? I promise you that you still will not have your head wrapped around all the aspects of this book but you can at least build the ability to determine if you are being lied to.

END DAYS START - Did the apostles believe they lived in the end day? If so, were they wrong? What does the Bible tell us about when the actual end of days starts?

REVELATION ONE - The source of much of Johns writing in Revelation

ANTICHRIST - The most looked for and taught figure in end days prophecy but does a man called Antichrist actually exist in prophecy?

IMAGE WORSHIP - What is this image that all the world will worship?

WORLD RULER - Does Revelation talk about a world ruler or is there something else we should be keeping an eye on?

SEVEN KINGS - Is America in end day prophecy? The majority of people say it's not, but how can such a large and world influencing empire not be included in the prophecy?

THE WHORE ON THE BEAST - The Bible translates for us what it's trying to say, if we will only listen and accept.

TWO BEASTS - One beast rises out of the water and the other one from the dust of the earth. Who are these beasts?

666 - Did you know that the number 666 appeared in two other locations of Scripture, specifically in the Old Testament?

TO BE KILLED - In a book of symbolism, are we to understand that people will actually be killed, murdered?

WHY BABYLON? - Babylon is the name of an empire of old used to describe other empires who are rebellious. With all the empires that have existed, why Babylon?

MATTHEW 24 - Every time war starts we hear the church start discussing the end of days. What was Jesus talking about in His famous teaching.

END SIGNS - Everyone is looking for the signs of the end but are they looking in the right place?

70 WEEKS - Besides the antichrist, another top end day teaching is a seven year peace treaty and seven year tribulation period. In this study we look at the text by which the belief of this tribulation period and peace treaty comes.

THE RAPTURE - There's a lot of theories out there and I wonder why no one points to the one passage that tells us "this is the first ressurection" giving us the time of the rapture based on end day events.

MILLENNIUM - What is the millennium, when does it happen, and where?

FIG TREE - It's been longer than a generation since Isreal was established which tells us the popular teaching was in error. Let's look at the Bible to explain the subject of the Fig Tree

ECLIPSE - It's 2024 and many people are wondering if the eclipse over central North America is prophecy fulfilled. What is the Bible interpreting about the darkening of the sun?

BLOOD MOONS - In 2015 there was a hype over a moon cycle called Tetrad Moons which the moon is blood red. In this year, this cycle would fall on Israel's feast days. In this study we look at the blood moons and their meaning and explain why this 2015 prophecy was in error proven by it not coming to pass.

END OF AN ERA - We are entering a historical time, the end of another Biblical era.

GOG AND MAGOG - In 2023 Persia and Russia have joined forces for the first time in all of the world's history and there's a buzz about Gog and Magog in the Bible. Could these events be the fulfillment of this prophecy?

DANIEL'S STORY - There are two main prophetic books in the Bible, Daniel and Revelation. In this study we focus on Daniel and look at it's relationship with Revelation

BEASTLY RISE - In this study we look at the history of how the first beast of Revelation 13 came to rise.

BEASTLY QUOTES - In this article we get a better look at the blasphemy of the first beast prophesied as it's revealed through quotes from their leader and their writings.